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Why hire a contractor to replace your door when you can fix it for less.


I can: 

  • Rehang Doors

  • Replace Hinges

  • Rerivet Separating Doors

  • Replace Lock Hardware

  • Electric Strike Locks

  • Magnetic Locks

  • Panic Hardware

  • Door Jams

  • Weatherstripping

  • Hydraulic Closures

  • Thresholds

  • Weird Things that there

      are No Names for

reliable professional affordable commercial door services in southern oregon
commercial door services southern oregon

Maybe if I bang

my head on the door that will help!


Your storefront door welcomes your customer into your business and says "Please stay and buy something". Or -it won't let them in, fights them on the way in, beats them or maims them. And then hits them on the rear end on the way out and says "Don't ya come back now, Ya hear!".


I can make their lives easier by repairing or replacing:

  • Hydraulic closures and Arms

  • Pivots

  • Bearings

  • Hinges

  • Weatherstripping

  • Locks

  • Keys

  • Panic hardware

  • Slide locks

  • Slide bolts

  • 3 point locks

  • Electric strike locks

  • Magnetic locks

  • Latches

  • Thresholds

  • Shave door tops and bottoms

  • Frustrating things that are knuckle busters

affordable professional storefront door and closure repair and replacement in southern oregon

"Everything is blowing up around us, but there are still those who are dutiful enough to try to fix it... but maybe that's the way it should be.  Maybe working on the little things as dutifully and honestly as we can is how we stay sane when the world is falling apart."

"The girl who answered the phone, Steve, and the guy who came to fix the door were great! Everyone went out of their way to help. I could not be more pleased!" - Patty Bittenbender of Ashland


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