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Our Story

The Beginning

The Determination

In his early stages, he only installed door viewers (you know, peep holes also known as peepers) in doors. How did he accomplish this? The answer is - by knocking on peoples doors and simply asking them if they desired to have a peep hole put in. If they said yes, he would dramatically whip out his cordless drill (cutting edge technology then) from his authentic police holster, drill a hole, screw in the peeper.

The Door Guy On-Site

Amidst the heat of the cold war, 1981 arrived without nuclear annihilation, although the superpowers were now capable of destroying the earth 21 times over.


The economy was in shambles, interest rates were at 21% and the unemployment rate was the highest since the Great Depression. It was during this troublesome era that The Door Guy appeared... determined to "Save the world one door at a time".

Meanwhile, his trusty sidekick "The Door Gal" would sweep up wood shavings and pocket the $20 bill.

From these origins grew the more mature Door Guy of today, never losing site of his love of doors. "I love doors!" he's been heard saying to his close friends and family. The Door Guy was also once heard singing his life's purpose as summed up in the lyrics of his favorite song:


♪ But as for me, ♪

♪ determined I shall be ♪

♪ to walk eternally ♪

♪ in my integrity ♪

On-Call and Dependable

The Mature Door Guy

Through life experiences we uncovered our mission and purpose:

We care about the person behind each door.


We want to make their life easier by perfectly satisfying  their needs by having integrity, respect, good morals, work ethics and fairness.

By being on time and dependable, easy to work with while keeping our word, we will contribute to...


" Saving The World… One Door At A Time!"

"My garage door broke and my car was stuck inside. I was in such a panic! If I missed my astrophysics awards ceremony I would look like such a dumkopf . You're such a life saver. Danke The Door Guy!"